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Real Estate Appraiser estimate the value of real property. They note any unique characteristics of the property and of the surrounding area, such as a specific architectural style of a building or points of interest located next to the parcel. They also take into account additional aspects of a property like the condition of the foundation and roof of a building or any renovations that may have been done.

We estimate the value of real estate following categories:

  • apartments, accommodations, offices, business premises
  • buildings: residential, industrial, agricultural,
  • valuation of land, commercial and office buildings,
  • valuation of rural and forestry real estate
  • valuation of rights for real estate,
  • valuation of post-demolition materials and demolition expenses
  • valuation of plantings
  • valuation of expenses of building construction
  • valuation of buildings under construction


Valuation might be needed for:

  • to determine a sales price
  • tax purposes
  • to determine the amount of a mortgage that might be granted on a property
  • to settle an estate or aid in a divorce settlement insurance
  • to determine compensation for expropriation
  • to determine value of shares in a real estate