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We provide consultancy services for both awarding entities and economic operators.

We help with preparation of the necessary documentation and during each stage of public procurement stage. We can represent  the awarding entity before the National Appeals Chamber and common courts. We provide legal consultation for individual cases.


Legal consultations for public procurement law:

For Economic Operators:

  • Evaluating the contents of the terms of reference, especially within the scope of the terms of participation in the procedure and the model contract
  • Consultations during preparation of the offer
  • Preparing models of inquiries to the Awarding Entity within the scope of providing explanations as to the terms of reference, preparing model legal protection measures pertaining to the contents of the terms of reference
  • Communicating between the Economic Operator and the Awarding Entity at the stage of examination and evaluation of offers
  • Providing explanations to the offer as requested by the Awarding Entity
  • Evaluation of competitive offers and indicating mistakes in them
  • Preparing legal protection measures aimed at ensuring the choice of the Economic Operator’s offer as the most favorable one
  • protest, appeal to the National Appeal Chamber, complaint to the regional court
  • Representation in protest, appeal and complaint
  • Providing information about the changes in the public procurement law and about current legal reasoning in the decisions of the National Appeal Chamber
  • In the event of individual request from the Client, the above-mentioned activities can be conducted in English language

For Awarding Entities:

  • preparing model terms of reference with annexes
  • consultancy with regard to the choice of appropriate mode of contract award procedure
  • communication with the Economic Operators, legal supervision
  • representing the Awarding Entity before the National Appeal Chamber and regional courts in the cases resulting from appeals and complaints from the Economic Operators
  • consultancy during each stage of public procurement proceeding