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Valuation of assets

Real estate
Vehicles and machinery
Business equipment
Agricultural equipment


Technical and legal advising

Construction opinions and expertize
Technical controls
Legal consulting
Technical advising and designing
Agricultural advising

Other services:

European funding programmes
Registry (classified documents)

Advising and Training

Consulting and courses

Occupational safety and health (BHP)

We organize health and safety at work training sessions for the administrative employees and employers. Training are set up in groups, in the orderer’s office or in our own office and on the convenient date for you. Courses are only held in Polish.
If you are owner of a company and you employ workers this training is mandatory.

Appraisers training

We organize work placements for graduates related to valuation of assets. This course is intended  for persons that wish to earn authorization to become an appraiser. During the course participants take part in a seminars dedicated to evaluation of different types of real estate.



Wildlife damages valuation

Our company can valuate various types of damages caused by wildlife. We help with disputes related to amount of  damages compensation. Our support is aimed at individual clients,  business entities and hunting organizations that deal with wildlife damages.




Public procurement legal consulting

We provide consultancy services for both awarding entities and economic operators. We help with preparation of the necessary documentation and during each stage of public procurement proceeding. We can represent  the awarding entity before the National Appeals Chamber and common courts. We provide legal consultation for individual cases.

SITR Association

About the association

SITR association is the biggest organization uniting engineers and technicians from various specialisations in Poland. It represents interests of experts communities working actively in many regional branches. SITR is a member of Federation of Scientific-Technical Associations (Federacja Stowarzyszeń Naukowo-Technicznych “NOT”), biggest organization gathering engineering communities from Poland and overseas.

SITR enters with its activities into agricultural areas, solving development issues, among others: promoting regional products, plant crops, renewable energy from agricultural activities. Projects executed by members of the association were assigned by entities from Poland and other countries, e.g.: England, Ukraine, Moldova, Croatia.

SITR is a member of European Consortium, that carries out projects in the field of renewable energy. For many years SITR has been well known for appraisal services for real estates and agricultural businesses.
At the initiative or SITR central board, a profession of agricultural appraiser has been officially registered on list of professions of Ministry of Labour and Social Policy.

Central board of SITR supervises activities of the association, sets up strategic directions of its development, it represents interests of the association and its members. It also guards trademarks and logo of SITR; members of central board are also representatives of SITR in numerous organizations, committees, consulting bodies.


We have been solving our customers problems for over 40 years. We help with evaluation of real estates, vehicles, enterprises, machinery and equipment.

Within our wide selection of services we offer construction opinions and expertize, technical designing, valuating investment damages and those that are caused by wildlife. Our experienced appraisers have certified qualifications and many of them are experts appointed by the court or tax offices.

We offer legal consulting within civil and penal law, commercial law and public procurement law for individuals and companies.




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